Moving along to my next strange purchase, I come to a helmet that has always baffled me.  Shortly after lucking into my big purchase, I came across another auction on EBay that seemed to slip under everybody's radar.  This would have been July 2001 and the lady that listed these helmets had listed them rather strangely (sorry, I can't give away all of my good secrets for finding helmets).  The helmets did not sell and I missed bidding on them before the auction ended.  I did however get a second chance to acquire them and ended up dropping $45 for the pair.  The two helmets that I purchased from a lady in Chicago can be seen at left. 

    The first helmet was easily recognizable to me by now as a White Sox helmet, but the first thing I noticed on the helmet was that it did not have any holes in the top of it like my other helmets.  It is even easier to see this on the mystery helmet next to it.  The thing that struck me as strange was that nobody else had discovered these two helmets and at that time the only other older White Sox helmet that I had seen listed on EBay went for about $65 and it was damaged.  After arriving at my door, I looked for a company name on the inside of the helmets and to my surprise there were no markings of any kind.  The helmets do still shows signs of where foam padding would have been, but that is it.  I looked for more information from the lady I purchased them off of but the only thing she could give me was that they came out of a neighbors attic and that those neighbors had lived there for about 50 years.  The son who lived there now was an eccentric hippie, had a very poor memory, and while wearing a gas mask dug these out of his attic.   

    I sent an email with a photo of the mystery helmet to the Baseball Hall of Fame and they could not give me any information on the helmet colors or logo.  I'm assuming that the mystery helmet may be a minor league helmet of some sort, and I'm almost positive it has nothing to do with the Chicago Cubs, but who knows?             


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