About four days later a nice sized box showed up on my doorstep and I didn't really look in it that quickly because I was figuring on being pretty disappointed with what I had just dropped $60 on.  Well, after delaying for about an hour I opened the box and to my shock I pulled out the twelve helmets as seen below.

    In the words of Harry Carey, "Holy Cow", I had hit the jackpot and could not believe what I had found!  The first helmet that came out of the box was the old Reds helmet and after that came the Indians helmet.  I honestly didn't even know who these logos belonged to because I had never really researched the older helmets.  By time I got to the Sox helmet and the Athletics helmet I could hardly contain myself.  It was not too long after that when I tracked down Marc Okkonen's book, Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century, and discovered what I had truly lucked upon.  There is no doubt that this is when my interest in really being a serious collector of these helmets started.  So, how about a story behind my story of who owned these helmets?

    After seeing what I had discovered I immediately sent an email to the individual who sold them to me and I asked for any information that he had on these helmets.  My curiosity had already been stirred up because underneath each of the helmet's bills somebody had put the names of their favorite player for each specific team.  The list reads as follows:









    Little things like this just make collecting helmets that much more interesting.  Come to find out the gentlemen who sold me these helmets had picked them up at an estate auction in the Chicago area.  He could not recall the name of the gentleman who had passed away, but he did tell me that this guy had played ball for the New York Yankees but he wasn't for sure if that gentleman had made it to the big leagues.  He did tell me that these helmets belonged to that guy's son and that this kid did go on to play college ball.  It's a shame that a name couldn't be generated to go with these helmets but I guess that still leaves a shroud of mysteriousness about them. 


Cubs - Bocabella

Giants - Hart

Mets - Swaboda

Indians - Colavito

Athletics - Hershberger

Reds - Johnson

Pirates - Clemente

Phillies - Callison

Angels - Peirsall

Sox - Berry

Dodgers - Lefebvre

Yankees - Mantle

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