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     Welcome to my home page that deals mainly with MLB souvenir baseball batting helmets.  Remember, these are not the smaller ice cream helmets.  Every helmet on the following pages is a full size replica souvenir helmet.  I started collecting these helmets in 1998 because I wanted to collect some type of baseball item that was cheap and easy to find and I figured that souvenir helmets fit that description perfectly.  
     What I have discovered is that there is an abundance of different helmets out there in circulation and just when I think that I have discovered all of the available helmets I always seem to come across some helmet that I didn't even know existed.  It has become a lot harder to get my hands on some of these helmets lately due to an increased interest by other collectors, but I only find this as more of a challenge and it makes my hobby a lot more fun.  
     Along the way of collecting I have chatted with some very nice individual collectors who have the same hobby as me.  I hope that you enjoy this website as much as I do, and I hope to get the information to you as accurately as possible.  If you come across something that is not right on this site, or if you have something to add or comments, then please feel free to email me to let me know.  I'm always interested to see what other people think.  Thanks for visiting!

Andy Thoele  


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