The helmet above has baffled me for years, so much so that I labeled it a mystery helmet.  The logo didn't match up with anything I have ever seen and the helmet color was really bizarre, but it wasn't until I looked closely at the last helmet in this story that I noticed that it too was missing air holes in the top.  I immediately grabbed the logo stickers for that black helmet and wouldn't you know it, the Chicago Cubs logo was identical to the logo on my mystery helmet, and since I got this from a lady in Chicago, whamo, I now have an answer to my unsolved mystery.  The only thing that is different between the two logos is the color, but to me that is a minor detail.  The last cool detail that I'm going to assume is that this really could be a transition helmet/time for Roebee and Sports Product Corp.  I only say that because the helmets below would be evidence towards that because they both do not have holes in the top or, somebody got there hands on a White Sox sticker (ordered from here) and used this helmet for the body?  Anything is possible.




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