I've had a lot of people ask me how I display my collection and my first response is that a lot of my helmets are displayed inside a box on a shelf back in a storage room.  I have four huge computer boxes full of helmets because I can't display them all in my house (I'm just lucky that the wife allowed me to do what I did to the basement . . . thank you, dear.).  It took me a while to come up with a design idea for my basement so I slowly turned it into a baseball park.  The green wall that you see in the photos is suppose to look like an outfield wall (you'll see distance numbers in some of the photos) and the walls are painted a light blue with clouds (the camera flash washed most of that out).

    The picture at the left (you can click on any photo for a larger view) shows my Dodgers game-used bat collection, but I don't have a lot of big names.  The biggest name for me would be my childhood hero of Pedro Guerrero.  My jerseys are all game-used.  

    The second picture shows what I consider to be the back corner of my basement.  If you look above the foosball table you'll see the first of my outfield numbers (330).  The banner, For Love of the Game, came from a good friend of mine that use to work at a movie theater.  It is one of those heavy duty vinyl banners and a prized possession of mine.  The Goodyear blimp hanging in the right corner is an inflatable blimp that I got while working one of my old jobs before becoming a teacher.  It's another cool little item that I came across a long time ago.  (I guess now I just need to mount a camera in the crew cab, right?)  The next couple of pages will be pretty clear cut straight forward pictures with just a few comments to the side.   


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